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    With 8+ years of experience as a freelancer, I hold expertise in article writing, blogging, content writing and proofreading with high-level proficiency in writing technical as well as non-technical content. I understand the pulse of the matter and can make the words beat with life.

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Pro-Educated candidates are suggested to be elected

One of the advocacy groups for education is reportedly urging the education stakeholders by helping them to choose the leaders who are going to prioritize the education even into their agenda of legislation. Lovelaine

Fighting inequality begins at schools and social biases

The 21st of March has marked the International Day to eliminate the Racial Discrimination and on top of that fight to enlist racial equality in the heart Hong Kong is an enormous challenge. Hong Kong claims that posses

Brexit is not able to affect the business students in the UK

Over half of the potential students in Britain want to pursue a career in business studies or an MBA. By the looks of it, the uncertainty that revolves around Brexit is not seemingly affecting the interest of the student

Tolerance Minister of UAE feels education will lead to world peace

Education will play a crucial role to implement peace in the world that has been divided by sheer ignorance. On Sunday, the Minister of Tolerance of UAE has told the GESF (Global Education and Skills Forum) education is