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Singapore’s ST education will debate on entrepreneurship

  When it comes to the economic progress of a region, the entrepreneurs are considered to the foundation. It is the entrepreneurs of the nations who help in advancing the countries, according to Reddi Kotha, an A

Betsy DeVos wants more charter schools amid investigations

A newly introduced charter school is going to be closed this year in Spring. The school which is going to face decimation is located in the heart of Nevada. The largest charter school located in Ohio that has more than 1

College Admissions Scandal in the US

The education department in the US is trying to open a full-fledged investigation. The investigation is going to reach into eight different colleges which have been an integral part of one of the significant scandals rel

Kuwait will restrict recruitment of the expat teachers

The Education Ministry in Kuwait is making plans for limiting the number of teachers that they are supposed to hire for their forthcoming year of school. Previously the Ministry of Education of Kuwait required 680, but t

The Ministry of Education will have limited power to hire expat teachers

According to the sources, there is a new job vacancy on the horizon. The job vacancy is meant for the expat teachers, as reported by the Education Ministry of Kuwait. The Education Ministry is on the lookout to hire the

Retention is not going help student for learning in India

The Directorate of Skills and Education, Andreas Schleicher, who works for OECD, Economic Cooperation and Development has shared his ideas with Ritika Chopra. Both of them shared their views regarding the boycotting of t

Medical University in Moldova collaborates to help Indian student

One of the most critical medical university in the world, Nicolae Testemițanu MU location in Eastern Europe’s Moldova that also used to the Soviet republic previously has come up with a plan of collaborating with

Dubai schools are going to raise their fees

The private schools in Dubai have heard a piece of good news, and that is after almost one academic year, these schools are now allowed to increase their tuition fees in the forthcoming year in academics, according to th

The need for new opportunities to fund university education of expat kids in UAE

One of the most significant problems that come with the expat families who stay in UAE has been funding the education for children who are in university. The professional on expat in the UAE along with the kids who are