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Online Classroom in Africa will Improve the country’s higher education

For people like Emily Kamizi, every single place across South Africa is a classroom, even if she travels via buses in Zambia’s Lusaka. It usually takes more than an hour to cross Luska, and that is why young Ms. Ka

Oxford is making slower progress than ever

Oxford University vice-chancellor stated that the institution process in handling inequality remains slow. Although numbers show that there is an increase of admission in the number of women, state-educated candidates an

The United Kingdom government launched an ed-tech innovation fund

Education Department of the UK has recently confirmed that they have had the first meeting regarding Education Tech Leadership Group on the 3rd of June. Moreover, the experts of the group have been set up for examining w

English Schools will provide extra lessons regarding dangers from knives

The students in English schools are provided with an extra lesson before the summer holidays began. The faculties of schools, along with teachers, warned the students of the danger that come from carrying knives with the

The salaries of teachers in the US make it hard to pay for rents

In Florida, mainly Miami, Mari Corygedo, a bilingual teacher of elementary classes, have 26-year of experience along with a master's degree. She is extremely famous in the region due to her passion for helping the Sp

Trump administration suspends the education programs for migrated children

The Republican administration led by Donald Trump to suspend recreational, legal, and educational programs for the migrated children. These children are in federal custody of the US. According to the administration, the

Singaporean students infected with chikungunya return to the country

A teacher from SOTA (School of the Arts) alongside students who were inflicted with Chikungunya have finally returned to Singapore. The students and teacher visited Thailand as a school trip. The school reported on Tues

Dodgeball in Canada promotes legalized bully

Since the inception of the institutions, dodgeball has been a staple sport that has shaped generations in school gyms. Some students look forward at dodgeball as the highlight of the day, whereas the other students see d

Adult learners in high school students in Nunavut are found waiting

The Northern Province in Nunavut is failing at preparing the mature as well as the high school students for higher education. Additionally, Nunavut also failed at making the education seekers get into the working sphere