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India’s Integrated Child Development Services has excellent potential to educate kids

In the year 1974, the social welfare departments of the government of India has reportedly launched a National Policy for Children. The scheme outlines the commitment of the country in providing ample of services to the

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Education is crucial for the progress of the nation

Education plays a pivotal role to pave the way for the growth of a country. The most crucial element to lay down a firm foundation to make a nation better for people to live. Everyone is getting the proper or the primary

Ministry of Education: NGOs will assist the children who are without documents

The Education Ministry has called upon all of the non-governmental organizations for helping the children who are without the identification documents to get registered with NRD also known as the National Registration De

The Dean in the Northwestern region of Qatar will step down after a long time

Everette Dennis, the Qatar Dean as well as the CEO of Northwestern University has announced that he is going a step down from his post in the year 2020. By the looks of it, Dennis has helmed the role of dean in the year

ABP fair helped the students to explore the professional and educational options

A prominent member of Qatar Foundation, Pre-University organized an “All Qatar Universities Fair” which comes under the acclaimed Academic Bridge Program. Some of the local organisations and companies have re

Will Educational Scandals put an impact on Students and their identity?

The students have started to feel the consequences due to their parents’ implications in the college admission scandal. Some universities start to boot students from the internet. Colleges must get their students

Colleges to invest huge money on Precision farming

Askham Bryan College which is near York and Near Beverely, are the leaders in agricultural education. The two colleges are constantly growing to give students a promising career. The two colleges have been awarded from t

School Watch, Ofsted suspects 500 illegal schools in England

Over past three years, over 500 illegal schools are suspected in England that educates thousands of students. The suspicions are by Ofsted, which is a school watchdog, as per the data. Reportedly, these schools are bad

DeVos, Us Secretary of Education to Visit Butler Tech

According to reports, the US Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos will visit the main campus of Butler Tech. The main campus is in Fairfield Township, and the US Education Secretary is going to take part in a job signing cer