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    With 8+ years of experience as a freelancer, I hold expertise in article writing, blogging, content writing and proofreading with high-level proficiency in writing technical as well as non-technical content. I understand the pulse of the matter and can make the words beat with life.

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Canada incorporates Metis Nation by signing Post-Secondary Education

Seamus O’Regan, the Indigenous Services Minister, along with Clement Chartier, Metis’ National Council President has reportedly signed an agreement. By the looks of it, the agreement revolves around the commi

New Brunswick University and Canada’s National Research Council will curate a collaborative consortium

On the 10th of June, the National Research Council’s Chief Digital Officer, Carolyn Watters was surrounded by researchers, business leaders, & students to undergo a new development. Research’s Vice-Presid

KZN student is suspended controversial anger with a teacher

KwaZulu-Natal’s 20-year-old student has been reportedly suspended after he was involved in a vehement controversial communication with a teacher at the Hammarsdale school. The department of education reported the i

A new form of Barbarism is killing the dreams of South Africa

In the past week, the African society was reminded that there had been several reasons which make them fear their schools. The inescapable truth about the African community is if a small child doesn't take her last b

War on Education in Brazil is causing a severe backlash in the country

Around 30 percent of all the federal universities in the country are going to have discretionary budget cuts. By the looks of it, this has created a drastic and instant effect on the ability of the people to work. Brazi

Students in the US have no place to sleep

One of the students in the US, 23-year-old Keyshawn Johnson, said that she used to have an impossible rate of homework as soon as she headed home. During this time, Ms Johnson was pursuing the associate’s degree in

The ongoing college admissions scandals in the US is shed light on some exciting revelations

The infamous college admissions that reach out to the Justice Department’s Varsity Blues has recently entered into a new sphere. The federal court in Boston began sentencing the alleged accused comprising 20 coache

Wars are coming to life in Brazilian classrooms

Jair Bolsonaro has brought a new and controversial reform to the classrooms across Brazil. The president is currently encouraging the students accumulating education in Brazilian schools to film classroom teachers if the

Brazil’s Trevisan signs MoU with LSBF

Finance and Business school in London has recently signed an MoU with a Brazilian business school called Trevisan Escola de Negocios. The unification will bring the programs to the students of Trevisan via on-campus &