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UK Education News

Teachers in the UK are paying for the resources out of their own money

A new survey by NASUWT suggests that one out of five teachers are using their own money to buy the resources for the classroom every week. Around 45% of the 4,386 members of the union of the teachers according to the sur

One among every four teachers are getting violent feedback from students every week

In the United Kingdom, one out of four teachers says that they are experiencing physical violence from their pupils once in every week. Most of the teachers are also saying that the poor behavior which they are receiving

Teachers in the UK want to boycott the primary school tests

A considerable number of teachers around the United Kingdom have made remarkable backed plans that will ultimately boycott the primary school tests across England in the following year. According to the National Educatio

Workloads are making teachers leave their profession in the UK

One in every five teachers which sum up to around 18% of the teachers is on the verge of leaving their respective classrooms in the term of two years or less. On the other hand, the two-fifth of school leaders, teachers

Will Educational Scandals put an impact on Students and their identity?

The students have started to feel the consequences due to their parents’ implications in the college admission scandal. Some universities start to boot students from the internet. Colleges must get their students

Colleges to invest huge money on Precision farming

Askham Bryan College which is near York and Near Beverely, are the leaders in agricultural education. The two colleges are constantly growing to give students a promising career. The two colleges have been awarded from t

Schools in the United Kingdom are taking help of the foreign governments for funding languages

Language is a borderless, and it is a universal mode of communication. By the looks of it, one of the significant schools in the whole of the United Kingdom wants its students to learn every single language that they can

Office for Standards in Education ditches the settled status after Brexit

Daniel Muijs is one of the most prominent figures when it comes to being an education watchdog in England. Muijs previously held the important posts in Manchester, Southampton, Warwick, and Newcastle Universities. Nevert