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UK Education News

Teachers will vote to move from blue water

There have been severe concerns regarding the “blue water,” which comes from the pipes. According to the sources, the blue colored water is probable chemical contamination at the complex of Townhead Road. Mor

Oxford is making slower progress than ever

Oxford University vice-chancellor stated that the institution process in handling inequality remains slow. Although numbers show that there is an increase of admission in the number of women, state-educated candidates an

The United Kingdom government launched an ed-tech innovation fund

Education Department of the UK has recently confirmed that they have had the first meeting regarding Education Tech Leadership Group on the 3rd of June. Moreover, the experts of the group have been set up for examining w

English Schools will provide extra lessons regarding dangers from knives

The students in English schools are provided with an extra lesson before the summer holidays began. The faculties of schools, along with teachers, warned the students of the danger that come from carrying knives with the

Accumulating education is all about genes and not top end educational institutions

A leading scientist said going to a private school like Eton is a waste of time and money because educational success is in the genes. Professor of Behavioural Genetic, Robert Plomin said he and his team had spent ages

Post-18 education should work in a better way for everyone

The higher and further education should work in a better way for the universities, students as well as taxpayers, according to the Prime Minister of UK, Theresa May. The Prime Minister said that she welcomes the publicat

The European Union students will not be facing Brexit next in the following year

The students of the European Union who will get enrolled in the English universities in 2020 should be eligible for the domestic tuition fees. Also, they can also opt for students loans to accumulate education, given tha

The university tuition fees in the UK should be cut to almost £7,500

The government of the UK has recently commissioned a few review calls to make funding for the vocational education of the students better in the country. By the looks of it, the government also said that the maintenance