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Singapore Education News

The first campus by NTUC will add around 4,000 pre-school in two years

By the time, the world progresses to 2021, NTUC First Campus claimed that it is going to add 4.000 places around the organization’s pre-school brands, such as My First School. The announcement states that NTUC Firs

Tech can never replace the efficiency of teachers

Technology has altered the entirety of the numerous industries across Singapore, especially when it comes to education. Nevertheless, tech is not going to replace the teachers around the country, according to Ong Ye Kung

Pop and Jazz music has been added to the O-level syllabus

The students accumulating education from secondary schools and are inclined to music are in for a treat. By the looks of it, the students have the opportunities to learn an incredible deal about the pop, Jazz along with

European Union visits Singaporean school

Bishan’s Ministry of Education Language had reportedly organized “EU Comes to Your School” event on Monday, 13th of May, 2019. The goal of the event was to bring the project into prominence in order to

A beautiful innovation that will provide a secure future to students in Singapore

Singapore is taking leaps in creating practical devices for the betterment of education. In the race of e-scooters, a team of four students has invented a pedal-power e-scooter. These students are of final year, and this

With the rise in faults, Singapore Educational system is facing mammoth distraction

Higher educational institutes of Singapore demand Academic Freedom. The institutes claim that they are unable to achieve the discoveries. To build a better world, the institutes require freedom. The major problem faced b

The coding education of Singapore is better than Hong Kong

There is a specific team in Singapore that curates a specialized teaching resource based on computer coding, given the coding was introduced and perfected in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, many people are anxious to know why d

Ministry of Education rolls out a new system to fund collections at Singaporean schools

The Ministry of Education of Singapore has reportedly rolled out an all-new billing system for all of the schools located across Singapore. The billing system is going to manage the money collected from the Singaporean s