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USA Education News

College Admissions Scandal in the US

The education department in the US is trying to open a full-fledged investigation. The investigation is going to reach into eight different colleges which have been an integral part of one of the significant scandals rel

The US should keep an open mind for Education Technology

It will not come to some people in the form a surprise that many organizations around the world are trying to scale the education tech in every corner of the world. And this calls forward a need for the educators, govern

A billion dollar wasted on the charter schools in the US

A new report states that the government of the United States has uselessly spent a billion dollar on the charter schools. Some of these charter schools were opened, and the other half of the schools that were opened were

Can E-Learning Define the Future of Education?

Delivery in online education must be interactive to be truly effective Validation score doesn’t always guarantee the success of online education delivery. Traditional education has to be made better and effect