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USA Education News

Yearbooks with Racist Images are removed digital access by Hollins University

Digital connectivity to four yearbooks was removed by The President of Hollins, which is a women’s liberal arts school in Roanoke, Virginia. It was removed basically as it allegedly had racist imagery. Things turne

The Oldest School in District of Columbia will shut down

There are some students who want to become astronauts, and some want to become inventors. James, a ten-year-old kid, wants to become both. On Wednesday morning, James was in his home and was building a Lego airplane. By

Police investigate a racist remark against the Tuscarora High School

Loudoun County police are investing the recently made racist threat. The racist threat was made against the local high school. NAACP of the Loudoun County has reportedly alerted the WUSA9 regarding a post that originated

US schools scammed the students who appealed for debt

Students who have applied for debt in their respective schools are having a hard time. According to the students, the schools have scammed them, and the institutions did not keep the promise when it came to appealing for

Teachers in the Big Apple are well-paid in the US

A new statistics claim that the New York State teachers are currently the highest-paid teachers in the whole of United States of America. The Rockefeller Institute of Government came forward with the report that has take

US Judge rules that girls are not confined to wearing skirts

One of the charter schools in North Carolina has been showcasing the conventional value related to the unconstitutional discrimination in sex which makes girls wear skirts. Malcolm Howard, one of the distinctive judges i

The budget might shut down schools in the DC

Equality makes its way to the educational institutions in the US. Nevertheless, not everyone is happy about it. By the looks of it, some of the leaders in academic have showcased their disgust regarding the suggested bud

Betsy DeVos wants more charter schools amid investigations

A newly introduced charter school is going to be closed this year in Spring. The school which is going to face decimation is located in the heart of Nevada. The largest charter school located in Ohio that has more than 1