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USA Education News

California’s school district, Dixie is voting for a name change

The school district in California has reportedly voted for changing the name due to being accused of promoting the slavery and Confederacy in the region. The trustees decided the changing of the name as there was a voti

Colleges in the US fail at presenting the real costs for the students

It isn’t always easy to comprehend the real cost that the parents and the students need to attend a  university or college in the US. By the look of it, every single one of the colleges around the United  

The US Education Department investigates racism in Wolf Point School District

For a long time now, documentation has been made based on the instances related to anti-Native racism. The discrimination elevation to such a point that racial insults along with harmful stereotypes were conducted by the

DeVos, Us Secretary of Education to Visit Butler Tech

According to reports, the US Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos will visit the main campus of Butler Tech. The main campus is in Fairfield Township, and the US Education Secretary is going to take part in a job signing cer

Literacy in technology and education will make America better

The development in technology has created a bold new world. As of now, the cats that are playing piano on the internet are getting much more attention than the political leaders around the country. Artificial Intelligenc

The rise in demand for school nurses in the US

  Hannah Chupp, one of the residents in Colorado, US said that the health clinic at the Colorado high school is the greatest thing that has ever happened to her teen. According to Chupp her son can go to the clin

Many students in the US have applied for colleges in 2019

Since time immemorial, around this time of every year, the would-be college going students go through a challenging time. And this is the time that decides the fate of hundreds of thousands of students whether they would

The Department of Education in the US gave 1B dollars to the un-opened Charter schools

  During the end of the fiscal month, the Department of Education in the US has reportedly released the budget plan of 2020. By the looks of it, there will be a 12% decrease in funding. Judging by the recent fact