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What does it actually mean about Free College?

When it comes about Kenyatta Lovett’s father joining college, he went for a job of keeping bricks for paying the school fee. However, depending upon simply a summer time job or just a part time job for fulfilling c

Texas High School has introduced a dress code for parents

One of the high schools in Houston has reportedly announced earlier in April that the parents have to obey to the dress code. If the parents do not wear the dress code, then they cannot enter the premises of the school.

Much focus on administration has put the cost of College Education in the US at jeopardy

In the US, the average bill of for attaining education from the college is continually on the rise. Most of the citizens across the country are continuously criticized the colleges for the present day “administrati

The US Embassy will launch an app for the Indian students

By the looks of it, the US Embassy is making plans to collaborate with India’s acclaimed, Y-Axis Foundation to produce a pilot project which will benefit the Indian students in a never-been-seen-before way. Accordi

Elizabeth Warren wants to cancel the debt of the students and abolish tuition fees

Elizabeth Warren who serves as the Senator of Massachusetts has reportedly curated her forthcoming presidential campaign surrounding disruptive yet straightforward ideas. This week on Monday, Elizabeth Warren had propose

Bernie Sanders says criminal justice, and education reforms are interconnected

At the time of a campaign stop in South Carolina’s Spartanburg, Bernie Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate tells that criminal justice, and sweeping education reforms are the two devastating issues which a

The School Finance Act in Colorado advances amid the rural funding

On Thursday, the much awaited $7.4 billion bills which were to fund the K-12 schools in Colorado saw the light of the day after a long time. The bill was ultimately passed due to a unanimous approval that came from the c

Wyoming is making plans for Tech and Career Education Grant

According to the recent sources, Wyoming has reportedly commenced working on an extraordinary five-year plan which is based on the federal grant. The program is going to assist the people in technical education as well a