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USA Education News

15 school shootings took place in the US this year

Given that it has only been 19 weeks of the year 2019, but there have been fifteen school shootings around the United States. And in these shootings, some of the victims were hurt, and other victims were killed. From Ca

A conspiracy theory related to terrorism shut down a school festival

A non-dangerous tweet came into being by James Comey related to his previous job. By the looks of it, the online tweet was heavily misinterpreted as a code for an assault "false flag" referred to a family gathe

House Democrats are seeking cut in the federal charter school funding

The Democratic representatives around the country are currently proposing a sweep cut in the federal funding for the charter school. By the looks of it, the Democrats are profoundly concerned about the Education Departme

Cengage combines its forces with McGraw-Hill Education

The big-time publishers McGraw-Hill Education and Cengage have announced joint plans by merging their forces. The announcement reveals that both the publishers will operate under a single name, "McGraw Hill."

Educational debts are weighing the US down

The democratic political candidates are proposing some of the lucrative options to tackle the situation of educational debt in the country. Nevertheless, the propositions are nothing more than a no-win scenario.  T

Community colleges will bridge the gap in education across the US

If a person opts for higher education in the US, there is a highly likely chance that the person or their families will get engulfed in debt. And this has been going on for a long time. As of now, more than 44 million p

The free college plans by Elizabeth Warren is going to benefit the rich

  Senator Elizabeth Warren has reportedly made waves with the comprehensive plan for eliminating the debts that students across the country have taken. Warren also said that she wants to make education at the pub

Political scenario regarding School Choice Coalition

Proponents are hopeful that an education tax credit bill is going to drag more number of people irrespective of the political ideology or belief for the specific purpose.  Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has been h