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Will playful assessments determine if education in the US works?

When Annabelle Bechtel, a seventh grader was designing a simple frame by frame round face sketch. There was a series of laughter after the rendering was done to find the satiric story telling. Their classmates were also

Arizona school spending lags behind the US

The newly formed Census Bureau of Arizona suggests that spending based on per student in the public schools of Arizona was deemed fourth lowest in the whole nation. Furthermore, this hampers the effort of the state to im

Democratic Governor and the Republics spoke about K-12 Education Funding

Tony Ever, the Democratic Governor had scheduled a never-seen-before extremely private meeting where the legislative leaders of the Republic government of the country came together to talk about K-12 education funding.

The private colleges have become the predatory lender, according to Pete Buttigieg

The former Lieutenant of United States Navy, and Sound Bend’s 32nd Mayor, Pete Buttigieg has reportedly made a vow to take on the fraudulent loan system that exists across the US. Pete Buttigieg said he would make

Education Plan of Bernie Sander howls at charter schools' rise

Bernie Sanders, the senator, has recently taken aim at the charter schools in the US on Saturday. Sanders said that the federal fundings for the charter schools should be suspended. It seems the senator wants the educati

Arkansas Education Program brings tremendous progress to the region

The acclaimed school program that focuses on critical thinking and imaginative problem-solving skills are expanding around the Northwestern region of Arkansas and remaining regions of the state. Education accelerated by

Georgetown will expel two students due to the bribery scandal

Georgetown University revealed on Wednesday that it is curating methods that will lead to the expulsion of two students who are connected with the on-going bribery admission scandal. According to the sources, the announc

Florida has become #1 nation for higher education in US

Ron DeSantis, Governor Florida touted about the higher education system of Florida on Tuesday. The statement of the governor came into being after the “land of flowers” was named as the best state in the whol