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USA Education News

Students in the US have no place to sleep

One of the students in the US, 23-year-old Keyshawn Johnson, said that she used to have an impossible rate of homework as soon as she headed home. During this time, Ms Johnson was pursuing the associate’s degree in

The ongoing college admissions scandals in the US is shed light on some exciting revelations

The infamous college admissions that reach out to the Justice Department’s Varsity Blues has recently entered into a new sphere. The federal court in Boston began sentencing the alleged accused comprising 20 coache

The salaries of teachers in the US make it hard to pay for rents

In Florida, mainly Miami, Mari Corygedo, a bilingual teacher of elementary classes, have 26-year of experience along with a master's degree. She is extremely famous in the region due to her passion for helping the Sp

Trump administration suspends the education programs for migrated children

The Republican administration led by Donald Trump to suspend recreational, legal, and educational programs for the migrated children. These children are in federal custody of the US. According to the administration, the

Walmart is looking for talented high school students across the US

The new report suggests that Walmart is targeting a unique talent in a tight labor market, which is the High School Students. In the US, Walmart is a massive private employer and features a large workforce of around 1.5

The US will provide top-notch higher education in the country to the students of the Philippines

For encouraging better cooperation as well as an exchange between the United States of America and HEIs across the Philippines. The Higher Education Commission has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the W

A public school in the US will utilize Facial Recognition from the following week

One of the schools on the Western side of New York is on the verge of becoming the first-ever school in the United States to implement a facial recognition system on its faculty as well as students. On the 3rd of June,

Joe Biden’s education plan is going to boost teachers' pay in the US

On Tuesday, Joe Biden, the former Vice President of the U.S. and the front-runner for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination released a new education plan. With the new plan, Biden aims to boost the payment’s