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UAE Education News

Riverston School Dubai receives the International Initiative UAE award

The Riverston School Dubai has been recently acknowledged as the most innovative inclusion model. The acknowledgment also made the Riverston School Dubai one of the winners of the Top School Awards. According to the scho

An independent board will oversee the public schools in the UAE

The Cabinet Board of the United Arab Emirates has come up with a new development for overseeing the schools. By the looks of it, Cabinet Board said that it is the perfect time for curating an independent board which is g

Overpriced school books in Dubai are making parents cry

The parents of IHS also known as Indian High School are in a sheer peril in Dubai. The parents are complaining regarding the exorbitant prices of the notebooks and textbooks of their kids. On Sunday, around 50 percent of

A peek in to Harvard admission scandal

Coach scandal of the renowned university is one more instance the way money and power can provide someone admission at the reputed institutions. In the much-buzzed college admission scandal, the fencing coach of the rep

The new year for academic begins in the Indian schools in the UAE

Thousand of students in Dubai have reportedly marched to their classes this week on Monday as the new academic year for seventy different schools have begun. These seventy schools are the only schools that feature Indian

Universities in the UK need grading system

A remarkable amount of universities have paved their way to the UAE in the past four decades. The UAE has shown tremendous commitment towards higher research and learning. And in due course of time, the national universi

Education Ministry in UAE will issue an Equivalency for the Students with Indian Degrees

The expats can finally take a sigh of relief in the UAE. According to the reports, the Ministry of Education in the UAE have reportedly agreed to the demands expat students or professionals for presenting an equivalency

Dubai schools are going to raise their fees

The private schools in Dubai have heard a piece of good news, and that is after almost one academic year, these schools are now allowed to increase their tuition fees in the forthcoming year in academics, according to th