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Malaysia Education News

Malaysia and France have always been together when it comes to education

The revelation might be surprising for most of the people both in Asia and Europe, but France plays a crucial role in developing education in Malaysia for almost 200 years now. Since the early 19th Century, the French C

A Malaysian became the 21st finalist in 2019 UK alumni award

  A Malaysia alumnus is one of the 21 finalists from the 1,200 high percentile achievers from around the world. The student has been chosen for the 2019 edition of British Council Study United Kingdom Alumni Awar

Shafie asks the Petronas for providing education to the Sabahans

Shafie Apdal, the Chief Minister of Sabah, has said to the Petronas to divert their focus to the CSR programmes also known as Corporate Social Responsibility in Sabah. Apdal feels that the SCR programmes are going to put