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Malaysia Education News

Independent Chinese Schools in Malaysia are facing an uprise for the qualification recognition

Nealy hundreds of students in Malaysia came out of the gates when the hour hand of the clock struck 3 pm in last week’s Friday afternoon. The students gathered around with the sound of an excruciating school bell.

Education plays a crucial role to promote national unity says, Minister Waytha Moorthy

To promote unity around a nation and to build a framework for social wellbeing, it is education that plays a crucial role, according to Minister Waytha Moorthy, who is an integral part of the Prime Minister’s Depar

Malaysian Students put Sunway University and Sunway College at the top of the class

Generally after passing the secondary examinations the students turn their attention and need to enrol in the tertiary education which is best suited for their individualistic plans, needs as well as expectations. The p

The educationists want to make the national schools of Malaysia great again

The educationists of Malaysia are stressing on the fact that there is an urgent need of forging a massive level of racial integration amongst the children in school. Nevertheless, the educationists do not feel that the b

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Education is crucial for the progress of the nation

Education plays a pivotal role to pave the way for the growth of a country. The most crucial element to lay down a firm foundation to make a nation better for people to live. Everyone is getting the proper or the primary

Ministry of Education: NGOs will assist the children who are without documents

The Education Ministry has called upon all of the non-governmental organizations for helping the children who are without the identification documents to get registered with NRD also known as the National Registration De

Dr. Mahathir brings a new way to educate the young Malaysians

Politics gives rise to constant, bewildered and vernacular schools. And in this scenario, the adoption of English language dropping at an alarming rate, even some of the top-most ranking academics in Malaysia are getting

Putrajaya didn’t accept Sarawak’s loan offer for repairing schools

According to the sources, Putrajaya has reportedly turned down the offer from Sarawak government. The proposal was regarding the RM1 billion which was essential for repairing the neglected schools around the state, Kuchi