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Canada Education News

Canada incorporates Metis Nation by signing Post-Secondary Education

Seamus O’Regan, the Indigenous Services Minister, along with Clement Chartier, Metis’ National Council President has reportedly signed an agreement. By the looks of it, the agreement revolves around the commi

New Brunswick University and Canada’s National Research Council will curate a collaborative consortium

On the 10th of June, the National Research Council’s Chief Digital Officer, Carolyn Watters was surrounded by researchers, business leaders, & students to undergo a new development. Research’s Vice-Presid

Edmonton trustee wants to address an emergency debate related to changes in the Education Act

Michael Janz, the school trustee of Edmonton Public School, called out for an emergency debate to introduce changes in the recently suggest Education Act implemented by the United Conservative government. The Act upon i

Nova Scotia terminates the bus contracts held with Stock

The government of Nova Scotia informed Stock Transportation that the services aren’t needed anymore. Stock Transportation was responsible for carrying the school children from and to the school in the region of Hal

Candian Government will support climate awareness and education

In the modern technology-driven era, climate change is one of the most defining challenges that environments face. Increasing awareness, education, as well as action to address the ever-changing climatic conditions will

Sexual abuse in Canadian schools is a persisting issue

One of Canada's national charity firm is responsible for tracking the event of exploitation and sexual abuse of the children. They have found out that the shameful incident involving teachers sexually abusing or mole

Dodgeball in Canada promotes legalized bully

Since the inception of the institutions, dodgeball has been a staple sport that has shaped generations in school gyms. Some students look forward at dodgeball as the highlight of the day, whereas the other students see d

Adult learners in high school students in Nunavut are found waiting

The Northern Province in Nunavut is failing at preparing the mature as well as the high school students for higher education. Additionally, Nunavut also failed at making the education seekers get into the working sphere