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Canada Education News

E-learning in schools could meet with challenges in rural Ontario

Lara Alt faced with a stressful scenario in the last minute when she was trying to send assignments for the Careers & Civics summer course of Grade 10. The problem was with the Internet connection as it kept on dropp

Document Highlights Manitoba’s Education System Fail to Meet Expectations

With recent reports on Manitoba’s kindergarten to Grade 12 School system, the commission reviews it. A discussion paper is released by the commissionaires to steer the discussion on the matter. The co-chairman, Man

Canadian School get funding from China for Chinese Classes

According to reports, the children in Canadian schools learn Chinese culture in their weekly classes. The report says that the classes if being funded by Beijing. On the other hand, one expert argues that they also get a

Canadian parents and the free money for the education of their kids

In Canada, high education also known as the post-secondary is far away from being cheap. Nevertheless, the Canadian federal government is giving the parents a little bit of money to fund their children’s education.

Changes that Saskatchewan needs in their education system

It might sound a little farfetch'd, but an online survey regarding what does work and what doesn’t work in the schools of Saskatchewan is going the help the education system of the province to shape a better fu

Educational programs on Mental Health are becoming a concern in Manitoba

Around the world, the concerns related to mental health has become a prevalent topic. With an increase in mental labor people of all age groups are going through anxiety, stress as well as depression. Nevertheless, there

Teacher in Ontario will boost the mathematics skill by learning how to code

The teachers who are about to step into the world of future filled with advancement in technology are going to have to learn about the angles, patterns, estimating as well as measurements. And they are going to learn mat

Professor in Canada supports education minister, Dominic Cardy

Alan Sears, one of the distinguished professors in Canada has recently showcased his support for Dominic Cardy, the Education Minister of Canada. Recently Cardy suggested that there will be a change in the scenario of ed