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Canada Education News

Pre-primary class in Nova Scotia gives the kids with a head start in learning

Nova Scotia has reportedly made an investment in universal early childhood education. By the looks of it, the recent investment will help to shape a very distinctive future for the young generation of the province along

HEALTH CANADA makes a grant of $600,000 regarding Cannabis education

Health Canada has come up with a six hundred thousand dollar funding in support of someone who is interested in educating the mass about the usage of cannabis. For this, any community organisation or NGO can make applic

Ford government set aside $1.6 billion to make sure that no teachers lose jobs due to bigger class sizes

Education minister of Ontario is going to issue a ruling to the school boards on Friday regarding 1.6 billion dollar being used to make sure that no teacher lose his/her job due to bigger size of the class.  Boards

Parents are worried due to changes in provincial educational budget in Canada

The parents of Ottawa high schools students are witnessing and bearing a loss of hundreds of positions of teacher, and they are undoubtful that there is possible job action which is taking place in some of the schools lo

Calgary students will protest against the government’s stance on the alliance of straight-gay

A small number of Calgary students have reportedly planned to go out on the school walkout all around the province for protesting against the soon-to-be stance on the United Conservative Party. The protest will tackle th

The students of Ontario have the lowest score in mathematics

Even before the election of Ontario, Premier Doug Ford has reportedly been open about the mathematics students of Ontario and their decline in test results. The students of Grade 6 have the lowest of the math scores in

Most teachers around Ontario and Canada feel the class size matters

The class which comprises fewer students are always beneficial for the teachers and students alike. By the looks of it, it is excruciatingly helpful for the teachers like Karen Ebanks to put the students who are lagging

The massive growth of admissions among international students in Canada

The amount of Vietnamese attaining their education all around Canada accelerated to 46 percent only just a year ago to 20,330 in the year 2018. On the other hand, this also signifies that the number of  United State