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Canada Education News

Google invests on Actua to curate education based on AI

The search giant, Google has reportedly provided $500,000 to the largest STEM outreach organization, Actua. The investment by Google will help the company to curate an Artificial Intelligence-based curriculum for high sc

Canada’s high school dropouts cost the country a considerable amount of money

The government of Ontario has recently proposed new educational reforms which collectively saves $1 billion. People for Education is responsible for the finding of the result of the analysis mentioned above. The result

The new educational agreement in Canada is highly beneficial for the tiny tots

The top news of the hour is that Dr Seuss's books are labelled as 'racist'. The recent research brought out that more than 2200 characters are used in Dr Seuss's books. His books highlight the anti-blackn

Educational research updates in Canada are creating a significant impact in the country

Canadian Government is trying to bring revolution to the research arena. These moves by the government will increase diversity, inclusion, and equity. The outputs made it clear that equity and diversity help to incr

UofT released a center to provide vaccine

The health experts in Ontario are reportedly going to launch a newly curated research center which is wholly focused on to boost the rate of immunization. The new move with counter unfounded fears which have been fueled

The public school board of Upper Canada has sent notices to one hundred teachers

The rural areas that surround Ottawa are operated by the public board, along with the communities of Hawkesbury, Brockville, Perth, Pakenham, Cornwall, Alexandria, Smiths Falls, Kemptville, and Almonte. On Tuesday, the b

Alberta election threaten Canadian public education

Education that is given across Canada is a massive success story, as far as the global perspective is concerned. When contrasted to the schools of other jurisdictions from across the world, the Canadian schools are well-

The Canadian Universities do not have scandals related to college admission

Around ten years ago, Janice Aurini interviewed around 41 parents who were from the upper-middle classes in Canada. Aurini asked the parents as to where they want the children to gain their education. Grace, one of the p