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Canada Education News

The East London high school will become the first carbon-neutral Canadian school

The JPII, John Paul II Catholic Secondary School, is regarded as the national leader as far as renewable energy is concerned. On Wednesday, the officials of the Eastern London school said that JPII is on the verge of bec

The students with low income in Canada are going to face a tough time

The School Board of Toronto District is looking forward to trimming the spending of $67-million. The experts, on the other hand, are suggesting that the students with low-budgets are going to be affected more when things

Do the Canadian Education Institutions benefit International Students?

Long a time now, Canada has been competing against the countries such as the US & UK to provide better education. However, the real dilemma is what happens when international students get into Canadian educational in

Education will play a significant role to stop the whale killers

By the looks of it, outreach and education will be playing a crucial role in enforcing the new boating regulations for saving the endangered species of Southern Resident orcas. The new mandate came into being from DFO ak

Ottawa is spending $31 Million to initiate French Education

Canadian parents are applauding Prince Edward Island’s take on the groundbreaking pool of money which Ottawa province has announced. The amount will aid in the retention and recruitment of French fixated teachers a

A new funding model is heading to the N.S. Public Schools during Sept

Nova Scotia’s Education Department will change the funding model for the public school system. The president of the Teachers Union in Nova Scotia said that this is news for him. On Friday, Zach Churchill, the Minis

King's Excellence Awards, 2019 - Worth the Hype

King's University College awards a list of best faculties every year to praise their hard work and knowledge. The moment of 2019 is here now, and the best faculties are awarded and honoured with King's Award for

Bachelor of Education course introduced by Kahkewistahaw First Nation

The University of Saskatchewan has joined hands to introduce a four year, Bachelor of Education course to Kahkewistahaw First Nation. This plan does not seem to be made suddenly. From the sources, it is known that the id