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India Education News

Dost Education claims $25,000 tech prize as an educational tech startup

EdTech or Education Tech startup company in India, “Dost Education” receives a $25,000 tech price in London. Egypt and Tanzania were the two other winners of the tech competition. The tech competition is orga

ZEE EDUCARE, the largest education festival will be organized in Delhi

The largest education festival in the most diversified country in the world, Zee Educare is going to host the 1st edition of the festival in the heart of Delhi. The festival will run for two days, i.e., 20th April and 21

BJP promises better educational opportunities in the country

The ruling party of the country, BJP has come up with a new manifesto on Monday which involves a new set of initiative for the people in the educational sector. The declaration focuses on the education field in India and

Fashion Students of LPU will turn into competent ambassadors in luxury sales

Lovely Professional University’s School of Fashion Design has reportedly curated a cutting-edge outreach programme for the students. The programme aims to enlist the students in understanding the basics about the b

Gurgaon’s KIIT World School organized an Orientation Program for new KG students

On 2nd of April, 2019, Gurgaon’s KIIT World School has reportedly organized an induction programme for the Kindergarten parents. This induction programme aimed to share the real visions of the school as well as its

Ed tech will transform the way Indian children learn

The technology is playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing the way the school children in India are learning things. Nevertheless, the only drawback is if the parents will be able to afford it. By the looks of it, seve

Retention is not going help student for learning in India

The Directorate of Skills and Education, Andreas Schleicher, who works for OECD, Economic Cooperation and Development has shared his ideas with Ritika Chopra. Both of them shared their views regarding the boycotting of t

Medical University in Moldova collaborates to help Indian student

One of the most critical medical university in the world, Nicolae Testemițanu MU location in Eastern Europe’s Moldova that also used to the Soviet republic previously has come up with a plan of collaborating with