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Post-18 education should work in a better way for everyone

Bipin Dimri May 31, 2019

The higher and further education should work in a better way for the universities, students as well as taxpayers, according to the Prime Minister of UK, Theresa May. The Prime Minister said that she welcomes the publication of the independent review of the post-18 education.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister has also ordered that the young people are going to have much more choice to access education. They can access the top-notch courses & get the best possible value for money.

Philip Augar led an expert panel on the 30th of May 2019 has published the government’s recommendations. The report also suggests there is an overwhelming strength in the education system of the UK. Mrs. Theresa May also agreed to several issues that have been identified by the published recommendations.

The Prime Minister has also called forward for the reintroduction of the maintenance grants for the students as it would support the low-income families with the support that they need. According to the report, a minimum grant of £3,000 every year for families with the lowest income is going to witness the debt for the students to be reduced more than £9,000.

The progress that involves the students from disadvantaged backgrounds is not likely to get enrolled in universities across the UK. In the year 2018, a few universities even failed at improving their stance on the intake of the students with disadvantaged backgrounds. By the looks of it, this is the first time the country has seen a massive shift in down-trodden students not to get enrolled in the universities.

The report also suggests that eliminating the maintenance grants will miss out on some of the talented young students. Around the United Kingdom, the young students from disadvantaged families are the ones that opt for loans or debts to accumulate education. The country needs to come together to support the students from downtrodden families so that their debts won’t affect their lives like before.


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