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Pop and Jazz music has been added to the O-level syllabus

Bipin Dimri May 20, 2019

The students accumulating education from secondary schools and are inclined to music are in for a treat. By the looks of it, the students have the opportunities to learn an incredible deal about the pop, Jazz along with the music which is used in multimedia platforms.

Ong Ye Kung, the Education Minister of Singapore, said that the O-level syllabus for music had been revised. Additionally, the newly revised syllabus will include some of the new areas rather than merely concentrating on Western traditional music and Asian music.

During the Lion City Youth Jazz Festival, the education minister addressed to a considerable mass of Singaporean people. The festival took place at Singapore’s Chinese Cultural Centre located near Shenton Way. The education minister said that gathered people that “Jazz is going to make its way in the O-level syllabus. The children are also going to learn about Jazz genre and also the sub-genre of Jazz.

The secondary students will learn about the origin of music and the notable contribution of the Jazz musician over the years. The Jazz Association director in Singapore, Mr. Monteiro is a famous local jazz music veteran. Mr. Ong said that this is the approach that Singaporean secondary schools are going to take to make the students learn about different art subjects.

When it comes to literature, people don’t learn about the father of English literature, Shakespeare. Instead, they also learn about the local playwright such as Haresh Sharma. Similarly, when it comes to art, the Singaporean students learn about Monet and Leonardo along with the first generation Singaporean artist, Mr. Liu Kang.

The Education Minister said that these changes are going to bring opportunities to the diverse musical backgrounds and interests to the students. The wide array of musical contexts are going will aid the students to draw much more connection as well as links that they have never experienced before.


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