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Parents sue Bristol University after student commits suicide

Bipin Dimri May 21, 2019

A student in the UK took her own life as she was extremely nervous about making a presentation for the public. And now the parents of the university student are going to take legal actions against the educational institution.

The 20-year-old student, Natasha Abrahart who has been a physics major from the country’s University of Bristol. By the looks of it, Natasha was scheduled to have a verbal evaluation the day she was declared dead. According to the sources, Natasha has told her tutors and mentors that she is suffering from panic and anxiety attacks. The attacks are caused due to the verbal assessment. Additionally, it was also uncovered that Natasha used to consume anti-depressant to overcome her anxiety & panic attacks.

On the other hand, Natasha’s parents Margaret and Robert Abrahart said that their daughter feared the if she failed to provide a competent presentation then she would have been kicked out from the university. Due to her ongoing anxiety, she was forced to skip her oral evaluations. Later, Natasha’s marks dropped significantly.

The couple also said in a joint statement that during this time, their bright and intelligent daughter faced failing in terms of academics for the very first time. The couple also believes that the staff of Bristol University should have made efforts and allowed her to submit her work rather than asking her to go through a public oral exam.

Mr. and Mrs. Abrahat also said that they decided to take legal action as the university has not been listening to them. The university still claims that they are not at fault. Natasha was among the tenth of a dozen students who killed themselves at Bristol since 2016, October. The university made her social anxiety so severe that Natasha was not able to give a simple presentation to her fellow students as well as staff.


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