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Parents are boycotting the Sats tests in the UK

Bipin Dimri May 14, 2019

Around fifteen parents of the children of 2nd grade at Bealings School said that the school is over-testing the students. And this over-testing is ruining the education the pupils are accumulating. The school is located near Sufflolk’s Woodbridge.

One of the parents of the students, Heather Chandler said that it was very much early for the students to appear for tough exams. Most importantly the students who are edged seven and six are going to be tested. The school, on the other hand, said that they do not want to make any comments.

Rick Gillingham, the governor chairperson, said that they are not going to stand in the way of the parents. And over-testing the students to reach their potential is not something that the school wants. According to Ms Chandler the results of the Sats are entirely unnecessary and an absolute waste of time.

At this age, the pulips are supposed to be involved in playing and exploring the world around them. The children are not supposed to go through a tough test now and then. On the other hand, the tests add a little bit pressure which they are not needed to take. On the other hand, the teachers are putting on a lot of their time to go through tests like these.

Enzo a seven-year-old student’s mother Lavinia Musolino is also in the seventh grade. Ms Musolino said that the entire scenario has proved out to be extremely positive for everyone; the people just stood up to the government and said that they do not agree. And this doesn’t happen most of the time. 

In the English primary schools, the Standards & Testing Agency are in charge of testing the formal curricular exams of the nation. The children often take the exams twice: once in the second year and the other in the sixth year. The students are regularly tested in terms of English and Maths.


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