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Oxford is making slower progress than ever

Bipin Dimri Jun 07, 2019

Oxford University vice-chancellor stated that the institution process in handling inequality remains slow. Although numbers show that there is an increase of admission in the number of women, state-educated candidates and students from colored, and minority background were admitted the previous year.

According to the UK state schools, there is a rise in the proportion of 60%, for the first time. And for the second time in a row, more women were admitted than men. A large number of disabled undergraduates also joined the university to accumulate education.

From 29 university colleges, the review was highlighted, which was responsible for their admissions. Whereas 90% of students at Mansfield were from state schools and Trinity's figure was around 48%.

Many colleges lacked behind the averages for other measures, and Balliol admitted twice men than women.

Oxford’s Vice-Chancellor, Louise Richardson, stated that the only concern of the university is the slow progression rate. There is a staunch reason behind it, the recent announcement of policies formed for increasing the proportion of successful applicants from underprivileged and discriminated backgrounds.

For talented students who lack the required entry grades, new programs were included for extra support before they start their undergraduate studies.

Richardson said that the whole university community, including colleges and halls, departments, and divisions, have been united to make an effective change in our admissions practices.

Oxford said there is an increment in admissions compared to 2018 Uk by 18%, whereas in 2014 it was 13%. The proportion of colored students rose from 1% in 2014 to 2.6% last year, that is double the number from 27 to 65.

Among all the applicants there were substantially rise in candidates from Bangladesh and Pakistan, double from 21 to 41 last year.

Many colleges are still struggling to increase the number of colored students. Between 2016 to 2018, Brasenose received only 45 applicants from which only two places were offered, and only one was accepted.


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