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Online Classroom in Africa will Improve the country’s higher education

Bipin Dimri Jun 07, 2019

For people like Emily Kamizi, every single place across South Africa is a classroom, even if she travels via buses in Zambia’s Lusaka. It usually takes more than an hour to cross Luska, and that is why young Ms. Kamizi always goes around her city using headphones. All she does is turn up the songs by Taylor Swift that helps her in keeping up the focus in her MBA studies.

The 25-year-old Kamizi accumulates her education from Unicaf University, one of the reputed institutions in Africa, which has been founded in the year 2012. Moreover, the institution focuses on distinctive fields such as education, business, and management of health care. 

The university is also popular for providing degrees online, and it comes with massive blended options in terms of learning. Unicaf is going to reach 18,000 all around the continent. Moreover, most of these people are working adults.

According to the sources, Unicaf offers the convenience of anywhere, anytime study, all they need is an internet service. By the looks of it, the cost of the degree is around $4,000. Moreover, this is not cheap, even by the minimal African standard. Nevertheless, the mobility & expendable nature of the degree is making the university extremely popular in the city and all around the continent. 

Most of the top-notch colleges in America, rush to recruit students from China and moreover they also build campuses in places like Singapore. Contradictorily, Africa has a better success story when compared to its American counterpart. Currently, there are 1.2 billion people who reside in Africa, and 60% of the total population of Africa is under 25 years. Due to an extensive campaign in the last decades, the elementary and secondary participation rates in school has become better.

Currently, in Africa, the rate of students who have undergone graduation is relatively higher.


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