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New Software Engineering Programme Launched by the Government for South African Schools

Sangita Mukherjee Apr 24, 2019

The State Information Technology Agency (SITA) will dispatch a 'School of Software Engineering' program for South African secondary schools.

The gathering said that the new 'school' frames some portion of a national activity and will be actualized one territory at any given moment – beginning in the Free State on 25 April.

SITA said that its school of programming building will furnish students with programming improvement, coding and other ICT abilities.

As a component of the program, SITA will build and build up the educational modules at schools to incorporate ICT activities, for example, coding, programming advancement and other computerized abilities.

Graduates will either be offered grants for tertiary instruction in an ICT-related field, or given temporary jobs at SITA, or aided venture improvement to set up little, medium or smaller scale estimated endeavours.

Five schools have been chosen to pilot the new Schools of Software Engineering including:

  • Kopanong Secondary (where the initiative will be launched);
  • Thabo-Vuyo Secondary in Rouxville;
  • Lekgarietse Secondary in Welkom;
  • Rebatla-Thuto Secondary in Koppies;
  • Mohaladitwe Secondary in Makwane, QwaQwa.

“The schools were chosen for their track record of academic excellence despite depressed socio-economic backgrounds, for their location (in five different district municipalities), and for the exceptional work ethic of learners, educators, governing bodies and parents,” SITA said.

“As per the specifications agreed with the Free State government, SITA is providing 40 computers per laboratory, connectivity, a curriculum, mentors and technical resources for the programme.”

This news was previously published on: www.businesstech.co.za


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