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New Brunswick University and Canada’s National Research Council will curate a collaborative consortium

Bipin Dimri Jun 12, 2019

On the 10th of June, the National Research Council’s Chief Digital Officer, Carolyn Watters was surrounded by researchers, business leaders, & students to undergo a new development. Research’s Vice-President, David MaGee from the New Brunswick University was also present to commemorate the opening of CNCCC. CNCCC stands for Cybersecurity-NRC Cybersecurity Collaboration Consortium in New Brunswick.

According to the sources, CNCCC is a cutting-edge innovative hub that has been established by the University of New Brunswick and NRC. By the looks of it, it would lead to advances and discoveries in terms of cybersecurity. Most likely, the innovative hub will help in discovering & advancing the publications, patents in cybersecurity. It will also make technological advancement commercial in the country and at the same time, provide training opportunities to the post-doctoral students and graduates who have completed their education.

Moreover, CNCCC is going to conduct original research on cybersecurity to undergo critical infrastructure. The groundbreaking technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, the interaction between computer-human and processing of natural language will be the main focus of the Research Council.

Cyber threats have become a big concern for technology leaders across the world, and they are growing both in terms of magnitude and sophistication. Canada has an enormous potential to carry out digital innovation around the world by becoming an expert in cybersecurity. CNCCC can carry out its research in the most flexible and secure systems. 

Furthermore, the consortium will curate a strategy to tackle National cybersecurity to aid and protect the Canadians from significant cybercrimes. They will also respond to the evolving threats and in the meantime, defend the private sector systems and government.

NRC will increase its level of collaboration with the universities and the ecosystem by helping them in positioning the country as a leader across the globe. According to the sources, NRC will also collaborate with colleges, polytechnic institutions by establishing collaborative centers around the country.


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