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Ministry of the UAE is raising teacher’s salaries

Bipin Dimri Apr 24, 2019

The Ministry of UAE has reportedly launched a significant drive for luring the experienced teachers from India to be employed in the government schools of Emirati. The teachers had been offered with significant hikes in Salary.

Over hundreds of candidates have reportedly undertaken the open days that took place in Delhi and Mumbai. The teachers were asked to take examinations. Later they revealed that they should sit in the interviews for assessing the suitability for 3,000 jobs.

The initiative is a significant part of a reform programme that will enhance the standards of the state-level schools. The UAE Ministry has serious concerns that some of the state government schools do not work well in contrast with the private institutions.

The tackle the serious problem in the UAE’s state schools, the ministry even hired a company that specializes in the process of recruitment. The challenge wasn’t to find the right candidates for the jobs rather the real challenge was to convince the potential candidates that the scheme isn’t a scam. There have been a significant number of fraudulent offers that promise mouth-watering jobs in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

UAE Ministry will provide the salary of Dh16,000 every month to the chosen candidates. The experts said that the salary that UAE is promising to provide is ten times better than the salary of an average teacher in India. By the looks of it, the offer also came with tax-free pay packets, and this is one of the reasons as to why most candidates felt that the scheme is a scam.

The salary scale of teachers in the government schools is exponentially low than that of the salaries that the teachers receive in private schools. The starting teaching salaries of the public schools in Abu Dhabi used to be Dh12,500. At the same time, the lower-end private schools provide the salary below Dh4,000 with no scope of increment.


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