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Ministry of Education: NGOs will assist the children who are without documents

Bipin Dimri Apr 15, 2019

The Education Ministry has called upon all of the non-governmental organizations for helping the children who are without the identification documents to get registered with NRD also known as the National Registration Department so that they can easily enrol at the governmental schools.

Maszlee Malik said that the efforts could only be brought to life by the NGOs when they collaborate with the NRD, the District Education Office as well as the Social Welfare Department. The Education Ministry of the country said that they have found out that some of the citizens of Malaysia do not possess the documents for one reason or other. And these documents provide them from attending the schools across the country. And this is the reason why the NGOs should team up with SWD, JPN, as well as PPD for registering the kids without documents as providing education to these students, is the only goal of the Ministry.

Maszlee called forward a press conference where he noted that the motto of the ministry is to provide “education for all.” During the press conference, Maszlee also officiated the Edulife programme which Johor Empowerment of Women Association at the UiTM also known as the Universiti Teknologi Mara located in Pasir Gudang Campus.

Maszlee clarified that there is an urgent need to assist these children as they are held back from attaining education. These children have the right to seek out the verification from the leaders of the community as well as the elected representatives. The Education Ministry also said that the children are not allowed to take part in the public exams.

As far as the stateless children are concerned, if one of the parents of the students is a citizen of Malaysia and they are supposed to have the birth certificates. The parents will then be able to enrol at the Malaysian government schools, according to Bernama.


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