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Malaysian Students put Sunway University and Sunway College at the top of the class

Bipin Dimri Apr 22, 2019

Generally after passing the secondary examinations the students turn their attention and need to enrol in the tertiary education which is best suited for their individualistic plans, needs as well as expectations.

The parents and students do not choose a university or a college due to its impeccable quality, cost of attaining education and the choice of subjects. There are some of the other vital elements which drive the students and their parents while opting for a school.

Student Barometer conducted a survey from September 2018 to December 2018. The first stage of the survey was a questionnaire scenario that was based on its learning, arrival, support, living, application, recommendation along with their choice of institution. Over 195,000 students acquiring their education from 212 institutions around 21 countries had responded to the survey. On top of that, around 6000 students had taken an active part in this survey who were from Sunway University and Sunway College.

By the looks of it, the university has been awarded 91.2% as the top score due to the living experience. When it came to student support, the university scores 92.4%. And this result has put the educational institution at the top position in Malaysia. Additionally, the institution scored the No. 1 position around Malaysia when it came to safety and accommodation. By the looks of it, the university had also reached No. 1 position when it came to campus cafeteria and sports facilities.

Sunway University and Sunway Campus have the most significant library in the country and also around Asia. The library curates a collaborative environment which enhances and supports the academic excellence of the students, student learning as well as in lifelong learning.

According to the officials, the library is spread out to every corner of the world, and it provides access to over 150,000 books along with e-books, e-journals, Harvard collections and bound and audiovisual materials. And this makes the institution body most desirable in the country.


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