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Malaysia and France have always been together when it comes to education

Bipin Dimri Apr 01, 2019

The revelation might be surprising for most of the people both in Asia and Europe, but France plays a crucial role in developing education in Malaysia for almost 200 years now.

Since the early 19th Century, the French Catholic missionaries have set up schools in Malaysia. And this left behind an extraordinary inheritance that dozens of educational institutions still reflect around the country even in 2019. Some of the distinguished educational institutions that still have the French roots such as Penang’s St. Xavier's Institution also called as Convent Light Street, Kuala Lumpur’s Convent Bukit Nanas, Ipoh’s St Michael among others.

According to Malaysia, the cooperation between Malaysia and France is the gravity of their existing relations. And both Malaysia and France are in dire need of training the new generations’ perceptive citizens about things whilst defending the value of democracy intact. The countries need to comfortably deal with the requirement of the modern day world which is driven by technology and globalization.

The student exchanges between the countries began in the year 1950s, and during this era, the French scholarships also made their way to Malaysian French Catholic schools. Later in the year 1995, the MFI also known as Malaysia-France Institute located in UniKL has aided the government of Malaysia to get into studies such as political science, business, and engineering in France.

Later in the year 2006, both Malaysia and France came up with a joint agreement and introduced Malaysia France University Centre by promoting mobility and cooperation of both the countries. By the looks of it, around 20 of the Malaysian Institution have mobility of students agreement with 70 universities in France. And this agreement brought forward the whole new dynamics for the students of France to come to Malaysia to read. According to the statistics, around 1,000 Malaysians students were taking their education in France whereas 200 French students were transferred to Malaysia in the year 2018.


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