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M. Venkaiah Naidu: India needs a new grade of higher education

Bipin Dimri Apr 24, 2019

Me. M Venkaiah Naidu, India’s Vice President said that the country needs a top-notch higher education system as of now. The Vice President of India was seen addressing the faculty members as well as the students of REVA University on the occasion of inaugurating an avant-garde Architecture Block in the REVA University campus at Bengaluru. 

According to the Vice President, the quest of the country to introduce new developmental skills will be hollow if the government fails in creating better opportunities for the superior quality of higher education.

He pointed out the growing concern which has come to light is due to severe imbalance betwixt inclusion as well as excellence. The Vice President feels that by refurbishing the higher education, the government will make an education system which is fair as well as a comprehensive.

Shri Naidu also said that the country is filled with very talented young people and it is their job to make sure that the talent doesn’t go to waste due to series decline in the avenues for quality education, especially in skill training and higher education.

Mr. Naidu also said that the most vulnerable population of the Indian society is women, they are economically weak and at the same time differently abled. Hence there is the need to come with a strategy for expanding the quality of higher education.

The rapid growth in the economy, as well as widespread industrialization, is going to create opportunities for more than 250 million workforces until the world progresses to 2030. Shri Naidu also stressed on the fact that the country is on the verge of emerging as the worldwide provider of the experienced workforce in the foreseeable future.

India might have made serious progress when compared to the past, mostly after its Independence. Nevertheless, the country still lags in its education system. The educational institute around the country do not have a perfect infrastructure when it comes to education and now is the time to change this.


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