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Literacy in technology and education will make America better

Bipin Dimri Apr 11, 2019

The development in technology has created a bold new world. As of now, the cats that are playing piano on the internet are getting much more attention than the political leaders around the country. Artificial Intelligence is now capable enough to generate bone-chilling and compelling falsified news. And the police, on the other hand, is having trouble to pull the Tesla whose drivers fall asleep while driving the electric cars.

By the looks of it, the effects are comparatively small. The technology is driving the world forward with full throttle, and it generates an incredible amount of wealth as well as productivity. Literacy, on the other hand, is not confined to a single ruling class, now everyone in America has the ability to compute and read. 

The conventional American colonies used to have more literate people with respect to that of the European people. Back in those times, around 60% of the white men around America have a minimum level of education.

It will be extremely devastating if the majority of the population in America won't become literate. According to the critical political figures around America, the nation will head towards oblivion if people who do attain the minimum level of education. 

As the time is changing, the need for literacy and education based is extremely important. And this calls the requirements for the Americans to get on with a little bit bet. Since the beginning of the 19th Century, education played a crucial role in developing America. But now, it has become vital to empower the educators as well as learners as they can make the next generation profoundly creative and enlist entrepreneurial attributes in them. By becoming proficient in mathematics, writing, computing, and science, the next generation will become better.

The government, on the other hand, is going to play a crucial role to make the population of the country educated. 


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