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LearnPick Comes Up With 5 Safety Tips For Hiring A Tutor

Sudipto Das May 21, 2019

Understand the fact that anyone who’s able to commit identity theft can falsify a profile. So, if you are a parent, we would, therefore, suggest you to take these steps for your own kid’s protection.

1. Go for background verification

Before hiring a tutor, it is highly imperative for you to go for a background verification.

For just a few dollars, you can hire a background verification agency that checks social security numbers, sex crimes, felonies, and certain misdemeanors (if any).

Regarding verification of educational certificates and other professional degrees, you can find them on the site itself.

2. Don’t forget to check student reviews

All tutor profiles listed on our platform come with provisions for student reviews.

Go through them to understand whether the tutor is a good choice or not. In case there are no reviews listed against a tutor on the platform, you are free to resort to outside references to know more about him/her.

3. Schedule a call before confirmation

Once you have selected a tutor profile, the next step is getting to know him or her better.

So, what can you do to achieve this? Scheduling a Skype or a phone call can really help. It is far better than meeting him/her in person.

4. Ask for proper identification

You can ask your prospective tutor to send over copies of Government-approved identification documents to be on the safe side. These could include the likes of passport, driving license, etc.

5. Keep your personal information private

Never include your e-mail address, last name, phone number, home address, place of work, or any other identifying information in your initial messages or communications.

Also, stop communicating with anyone forcing you to exchange financial or personal information or attempting to trick you into revealing the same.

And finally, always remember not to exchange personal contact information until you are completely sure of the tutor in question.


If you are looking for legitimate tutors in Canada, post your learning requirements on LearnPick – it’s free!


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