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5 Key Benefits of Introducing Robotics To Kids

Sudipto Das Jan 31, 2019

The concept of robotics might look too extravagant on the hindsight but if you can give it a try, you will see the benefits associated with it. It’s a direct source of hands-on erudition that can help a child stand out of the crowd.

Through the aid of robotics, children will be able to understand things easily and more effectively once they start doing it the right way. So what can early robotics education teach us? Here, have a look.


1. Practical application of STEM

STEM is the acronym of Science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The subject has lately grown in importance especially due to the advancement of technology all around us. Robotics helps to provide a hands-on STEM learning experience to students in general that can benefit them immensely in the long run.


The practical application of STEM also makes the subject more meaningful to the kids thereby, intriguing them to get into it further. So efficiency you wanted, efficiency you’ll get. Do you have anything to complain? Guess not!

2. Practical application of mathematics


Math is considered to be difficult by most students due to the abstract nature of the subject. As a result of such abstraction, they are seldom able to connect that subject with the real world. Thus, they start doing math for the sake of it which is undesirable indeed.

This is where robotics comes in. Robotics helps to provide students with hands-on math lessons that help them see the missing link between mathematics and the real world. This helps to make the subject matter more illuminating and more meaningful to them, which is something that goes a long way in their career.

  • Robotics helps to teach geometry in the most realistic way as possible.

  • It also helps to impart algebraic lessons to kids in the most innovative way as possible.

  • It takes their problem solving skills to a whole new level.

3. Improves problem solving abilities in children

Abilities in children

Like we said before, robotics helps to instill a problem solving mentality in children.

The critical problem solving mentality in children helps to instill the self confidence in them that’s required to face the real world problems with bare ease. Such a skill prepares them to face literally ANY problem in life. If this is not important, we seriously don’t know what is.

Robotics gives your children an early start into programming


Computer programming has lately become a part of the basic literacy, almost exactly like reading and writing. We have already entered into that stage of our life where almost every child is expected to know the basics of computer programming.

It’s therefore better to start early to benefit in the long run. Robotics gives your child the platform to do exactly that. It imparts programming knowledge in the most exciting manner as possible which compels the kids to go back to it again and again.

So if you want to give your child an early taste in programming, robotics is your way to go.

4. Robotics gives your kids the opportunity to unleash their creativity

Certain robo kits like the Lego Mindstorms EV3 come with an instruction manual. Students can use those manuals as a guide to building exceptional bots through the use of the kit.

But the manual’s not everything. Your kid can go a step ahead by implementing his/her own imagination to upgrade the bot as s/he see fit. So you see that the opportunity’s right there for the taking. Will your kid take it? Now that’s a question that only s/he can answer.

5. Lastly, robotics is fun

Robotics is fun

Robotics is not a conventional form of classroom textual learning. It’s pure fun. Your children would not even realize that they are learning something constructive through robots.

Robotics is basically the future. Technology is advancing almost every day at a rapid pace which is also positively affecting the pace of our daily life and education.

Children, all over the world are getting the “robo” exposure at a much younger age. You don’t want your child to come from behind; do you? So if you want your child to jump on the “innovation” bandwagon, robotics is the way to go. Your child will definitely benefit in the long run.


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