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Joe Biden’s education plan is going to boost teachers' pay in the US

Bipin Dimri May 30, 2019

On Tuesday, Joe Biden, the former Vice President of the U.S. and the front-runner for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination released a new education plan. With the new plan, Biden aims to boost the payment’s that teachers receive. Additionally, Biden also said that he wants to decline the rate of the funding gap between low-income and wealthy public schools.

Joe Biden also assured the U.S. citizens that he would make American schools safe. He will ask the American Congress to give sanction on the banning of assault weapons and high-capacity gun magazines. By the looks of it, the approach is being opposed to the preachings of Republicans, and the gun-lobby groups.

The former Vice-President was seen providing the detail of the significant policy which he will bring into effect after he becomes the president. American Teachers federation were also present during the Joe Biden’s campaign event which took place in Houston.

Kamala Harris, the senator of the U.S. and one of the Democratic candidates running for president, also gave an insight into the education plan in March 2019. Harris’ education plan will benefit the teachers by raising their salaries by $415 billion for the next decade.

Biden will triple the federal funding of around $50 billion yearly for the school comprising the students from families with low incomes. Biden’s directive also states that the funds will be used by the districts to raise the pay of the teachers. America’s federal money will be used for proving preschool for three to four-year-old children to improve the curricula of those schools.

Joe Biden’s plan is going to seek multiple guidance counselors, psychologists, nurses and social workers in the U.S. public schools. Biden used to be the vice president of the United States of America during the administrative era of Barack Obama.


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