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Indonesia has a lack of education policies

Bipin Dimri Apr 12, 2019

The central government of Indonesia has unrolled its authority related to the educational sector which was used to be controlled by local governments for more 18 years. For the last 18 years, the delivery based on the essential education services is dependent on the ability for over 500 district administrations around Indonesia.

 A telephonic survey came into being in the year 2018 and later it was documented and analyzed the education policies which were issued at some of the district levels. The investigation also concluded that the significant volume of the policies is going to improve the grades of the students.

The presidential and general Indonesian elections are soon going to bring out a cold war in the country. And the new or forthcoming administration is going to evaluate the previously made educational policies. The central government of Indonesia also said that they are encouraged to work alongside the local government as partners and improve the quality of education.

The central government has so far have analyzed 34 distinctive educational policies from 13 distinctive districts from around the country. The central government states that the administrations are getting much more focused on the test scores of the students rather improving the quality of education or schooling. By the looks of it, the conscious participation in basic education is high from the very beginning.

By the looks of it, around one-third of the policies are explicitly related to the programmes on teacher development. And policies also brought significant training programs to improve teaching skills.

By the looks of it, there isn’t any evidence that most of the policies are focused on improving the learning outcomes for the teachers. Nevertheless, the proportions of the policies related to training aren’t entirely compared to the examination scores of the junior secondary. It is also said that teachers do not have any impact on education’s quality in Indonesia.


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