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Independent Chinese Schools in Malaysia are facing an uprise for the qualification recognition

Bipin Dimri Apr 29, 2019

Nealy hundreds of students in Malaysia came out of the gates when the hour hand of the clock struck 3 pm in last week’s Friday afternoon. The students gathered around with the sound of an excruciating school bell. According to the sources, the neighborhood of Taman Kaya went completely numb. The next thing that the male students with white uniform did was give away the identity as the disciple of the independent school.

In addition, the Chong Hwa Independent School also put the frontage such as the red signage for celebrating the school’s hundredth anniversary. The school even put the couplets in Chinese which upon translation reads as “Storms looming over the journey of Chinese education. We have been through 100 years, and we will march on.”

The Chong Hwa Independent School like 60 other independent Chinese high schools across Malaysia has grown extrinsically in due course of time. The Chinese independent high schools are self-funded.

Back in the year 1919, the Chonga Hwa Independent School began as a simple primary school. Around 80 students enrolled in the school after it came into existence. And as of now, in the year 2019, the school has 5,000 students who are accumulating their education. The primary school is 24,000 sq ft off the Jalan Ipoh. Currently, the school has added a new 13-story building.

The management of the school is making plans to construct a stadium by spending RM20 million. According to the sources, the stadium is going to feature a massive running track as well as a swimming pool.

The Chong Hwa Independent School first came into being by the people who were migrated from China. The school was initially a Chinese-medium school which stood out from the unique nature of the education landscape around Malaysia. 

By the looks of it, since the very beginning, the school did not range under the compass of the Malaysian Education Ministry. On the other hand, the highest educational certificate that the school offers is the Unified Education Certificate. Sadly the certificate isn’t recognized as the official qualification of the Malaysian local school. 

The UEC recognition has been a massive part of over-politicized matter, and in due course of time, it has become a racial issue around the country.


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