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How To Use Canva For Making Beautiful Tutorial Presentations

Sangita Mukherjee Jan 02, 2019

Whether you are a tutor, executive, speaker, or a working professional, creating a presentation is vital for many key positions these days.

Getting your message forward to your audience in a concise and visually appealing way can be a challenge for many people – not anymore. Here, in this post, we have put together a comprehensive guide to creating a beautiful tutorial presentation on Canva.

Canva – A Brief Overview

Canva A Brief Overview

Canva is an online tool making it possible for designing anything and publishing anywhere. With its user-friendly drag and drop system and thousands of customizable templates, over four hundred million designs have been made on Canva so far.

Canva makes it possible for you to access over millions of illustrations, stock images, fonts, and icons inside the app. With Canva, you can also:

  • Store, edit, and organize your images in a breeze

  • Publish your designs anywhere to reach your audience.

  • Customize your pre-made templates share with your design team to edit.

How to Make A Tutorial Presentation on Canva In A Few Simple Steps

Simple Steps

1. Be consistent with your design

Creating a tutorial presentation template that works well with your content and not against is very important.

Your readers will appreciate a presentation that goes easy on the eyes with the design flowing from slide to slide. Jarring the PPT with multiple images isn’t required. Here are some more tips for consistency:

  • Try to use the same title font or banner throughout your design.

  • Also, have the same grid or frame throughout your design.

  • Apply the same slide background throughout your design.

  • Maintain consistency in your font choice.

2. Work smart, not hard

Create a template for your presentation so you can keep all the points above in line.

As far as beauty in repetition is concerned, you can take a cue from nature. Making an aesthetic slide and maintaining a certain degree of consistency enables your audience to hand-pick elements of your presentation without rethinking each and every one of them individually.

Canva’s in-built slide templates come with multiple pages. Each of them is designed to reflect a particular theme. For example,

Check these two slide templates provided by Canva itself:

Templates provided by Canva

There are many more similar types that you can start with and tweak as per your requirement.

3. Create your own title slide

Your tutorial title slide’s going to be your calling card for the entire presentation.

It should convey the overall feeling of your matter and should also be able to entice people to follow the whole presentation.

For example,

Take a quick peek at the title slide below highlighting the fifteen easy salad recipes.

Salad recipes

At a single glace, you can almost smell the salad recipes off the slide. This is exactly what your approach should be.

4. Be as much visually appealing as possible

Always try to keep things simple. More elements do not always mean better design.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, the following tips can come in handy for you:

  • Use visuals in place of text.

  • Reduce the amount of text on the slide. Here’s a case in point:

Visually Appealing

  • Maintain consistency in your color palette. For this purpose, you can easily resort to the use of an online tool called “Coolors: The super-fast color scheme generator.”

    Just get on the platform and start the Generator.


Enter the primary color code in the first section and press space to generate the palette. You can change the palette to your liking by pressing the spacebar.


  • Try not to clutter your presentation with bullet points. Use only one per slide.

5. Show your presentation off

When your design is done, you can show your presentation directly from Canva. Just click on the “Publish” button and select the option “Present.”

Under this option, you can enhance the looks of your presentation. Select a transition style, or how the presentation will look when you move from one slide to the other. If you want, you can also manually move from one slide to the other or choose to move forward automatically.

Sharing Your Presentation

You can download your presentation design in PDF or JPEG and share the same on different social media channels. There is even an option to share your design in the form of a website.

SEVEN Creative Ideas That You Can Explore To Create Beautiful Tutorial Presentations

Tutorial Presentations

1) Frame a story

The human brain’s designed to respond to stories as a survival and an entertainment mechanism. That double role has helped in developing this mode as one of the most powerful communication tools known to mankind.

Story helps us perceive and process the world of facts around us. These are much more interesting than the usual facts and figures (including the likes of budgets, breakdowns, etc.) boring even the most patient audience out of their minds.

And, don’t forget to use a professional design followed by captivating photographs and graphics, to help your audience connect to your story. Here’s a case in point:

Embed code:


2) Ask your questions at the most important moments

Since a tutorial presentation typically consists of a series of statements, one more isn’t likely to intrigue your audience.

So, what if you ask a question instead?

A question can break up the mundane rhythm of your presentation and help you highlight the fact that what you’re saying is important. Moreover, it also helps in turning your presentation from a passive story to an active quest.

Answering a question makes your audience stay glued to your presentation making them feel more connected to your content.

3) Include humor into your presentation

Humor can make the whole world go around. The same also holds true for the world of teaching. After all, at the end of the day, no one enjoys working with a stiff.

So even if you are explaining some serious scientific facts and figures to your students, remember to include a bit of humor in your presentation.

This, of course, doesn’t mean cracking jokes all the time. It should mean being cheerful, lighthearted and as much personable as possible.

4) Design your presentation for persuasion

Always design your presentation with a purpose. It should not just be a PowerPoint to fill up the empty walls behind you or one to represent your points in a bullet format. Such types of tutorials are useless.

What you should strive to do is to create a PPT complementing your presentation – narrating some kind of a story. Meaning, you should select a PowerPoint presentation design fitting your narrative structure.

Also, make sure that your presentation ideas don’t get lost in a mediocre design. A clean and fresh outlook is the key to highlighting your points to your audience.

Here’s another sample for your reference.


5) Do not read from the slides

Reading directly from slides that everyone can see is boring.

It also makes you look unprepared. Your PowerPoint presentation is not there to remind you of the things you want to say but to help your audience understand the points that you’re trying to make.

Remember, your slides should not be reading, but for highlighting your points quickly.

6) Add music

Now this isn’t something new but it’s still not very common.

According to a research, music embedded in a PowerPoint presentation can call for attention while putting the content in long-term memory.

The addition of music can really make a boring presentation look cool from the audience’s point of view. So, try this innovative idea and bring your presentations to life.

7) Use visuals to illustrate your points

If you cannot use bullet points to summarize your presentations, resort to visuals.

Charts, vectors, graphs, and pies can help you illustrate your points making the gust of your argument more memorable.

And do not just stick to traditional visuals. This isn’t the 90s anymore. Here’s one such Canva presentation template to prove the point.

Canva presentation template


Simply presenting the facts and figures through your presentation serves only for a baseline purpose. If your primary focus is to impress and convince your audience, you will have to build some structure and excitement into your audio-visual talks.

These creative ideas can definitely help in making your presentation more appealing.

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