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How to Memorise the World Map

Sangita Mukherjee Mar 27, 2019

Retaining the areas of nations on a world guide can be an overwhelming assignment, yet there are numerous approaches to make the procedure less demanding. Ensure you utilize an exceptional guide and audit it landmass by mainland to make contemplating less scary. Attach in recent developments to give what you're remembering additional unique circumstance. Play around with your concentrate by downloading topography applications, visiting instructive sites, and hanging up a guide at home. Shading and test yourself with guide print-outs and have a go at fathoming a world guide jigsaw confound.

Colorful World

1. Use an up-to-date map

Ensure that you are utilizing an exceptional guide to consider. Search for maps on legitimate, normally refreshed sites on the online, and print one out on the off chance that you want to examine a paper delineate. Something else, consider purchasing another guide to learn at an office supply store, book shop, or on the online.

2. Go by continent

To keep from being overpowered, centre on just a single or two landmasses at any given moment while contemplating. Attempting to cover the whole guide on the double will separate your fixation and make remembrance increasingly troublesome. In the event that fundamental, cover the parts of the guide you are not focusing on to keep your eyes centred.

For instance, commit every day of the week to concentrate one of the seven locations: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

3. Prioritize countries you have trouble identifying

Separate the nations that you experience difficulty recollecting and give them additional consideration when contemplating (for example take note of alternate nations and waterways encompassing them). Make a rundown of the majority of the nations that you make at least three estimates about without finding the correct solution. When testing yourself, influence a point to distinguish the nations you to experience issues recollecting first, as opposed to the ones you perceive effectively.

4. Quiz yourself alphabetically

To strengthen your insight into where nations are situated on a world guide, test yourself one after another in order. Pick a landmass and attempt to name every nation in it in sequential request. By making the contemplating procedure increasingly mind boggling, you will hone your attention on the material and test yourself all the more altogether.

It can likewise be useful to have a companion or relative test you, which can be all the more difficult. They don't need to test you one after another in order. Rather, they could make an inquiry like, "Which nations fringe Laos?" or "What's the southernmost nation in South America?"

5. Tie in current events

Utilize new stories and worldwide recent developments to contextualize the nations you are endeavouring to put. For example, gaze upward and retain nations that are presently in the features to show signs of improvement feeling of the land setting of those news stories. Then again, if there are nations that you are experiencing difficulty retaining on the world guide, look them in Google News to get more data about them and make more grounded mental affiliations.

6. Use the method of Loci

Take a stab at utilizing the strategy for Loci, a procedure utilized by Roman speakers to recollect long discourses, to retain nations on a world guide. Picture the nations of a landmass inside the structure of a well-known building (for example your home or working environment). Envision essential things occurring in each room, segment, or corridor, and relegate nations from the guide in like manner. Make the account sufficiently critical to stick in your brain and call up the associations you make with the world guide.

For instance, connect nations in Europe with your partners' desk areas at work and envision a crazy story that will enable you to recall (for example recollecting Portugal and Spain by imagining a colleague's desk area, which has shrivelled and holds a youngster estimated work area and seat, situated at the side of another collaborator's work space which is sufficiently extensive to oblige flamenco artists.

7. Create a mnemonic device

Mnemonic are senseless expressions or rhymes that assistance you recollect the request of things. They don't need to bode well, and now and then if the expression is extremely wacky it is less demanding to recollect. Take a stab at making mental aides to recall the request of specific nations from north to south or west to east.

The Continents of the world:

  • North America

  • South America

  • Antarctica

  • Europe

  • Asia

  • Africa

  • Australia

World Map


Download geography apps

There are numerous instructive applications accessible for download that can help you in remembering where distinctive nations are on a world guide. Utilizing these applications will give you the helpful alternative of concentrate in a hurry at whatever point the open door presents itself (for example amid a transport ride). Download these free applications to attempt:

  • Learn World Geography, a free application for the iPhone and iPad that rehashes cheat sheets for ideal remembrance

  • TapQuiz Maps World Edition, a free application for iPhone and iPod that can enable you to ace geology by method for a fun test amusement

  • World Map Quiz, a free application for Android that eases back you to play a world guide amusement in banner or capital mode

Visit educational online sites

There is an assortment of geology sites accessible to enable you to enhance your insight into world nations in a funny way. Sites offer diversions, tests, and random data to make remembering nations on the world guide not so much repetitive but rather more intuitive. To learn in a funny way, read below:

  • Seterra Online, a site offering free guide test recreations that utilization diagram delineates for remembrance

  • Lizard Point, an instructive site offering free tests and incidental data

  • World Atlas, an intuitive site that enables you to investigate the world guide nation by nation with point by point visual guides

Decorate with wall maps

To assemble solid visual recollections of the world guide and the nations on it, have a go at designing a divider in your home with a substantial divider delineate. To make an increasingly intuitive guide, drape a substantial guide on a stopper notice board so you can check nations with push pins while contemplating. Search for divider maps (just as a release board and drive pins) at an office supply store, or on the online.

Print out maps to colour and study

To retain nations, print out duplicates of a world guide to shading or use for study. Shading coding diverse landmasses and nations can construct visual affiliations, and be a fun, loosening up action. Clear maps can be helpful for considering and testing yourself on the area of nations.

Work on a world map jigsaw puzzle

Taking a shot at a jigsaw astound practices a few brain functions at the same time - outstandingly the capacities to reason, arrangement, and tackle issues. While you are as of now utilizing your cerebrum muscles, underwrite by consolidating your investigation of the world guide into the movement. The drawn out examination of the world guide astound, notwithstanding your mind chipping away at a diagnostic dimension, will enable you to hold nation areas.

  • Purchase a world guide jigsaw confound at a toy store, leisure activity store, or on the online.

How to Study Geography

There are two sorts of topography: physical geology and human geology. Physical geology is the investigation of the world's physical attributes and procedures, including atmosphere and climate frameworks, shake developments, seas and the moving of structural plates. Human topography, then again, considers human social orders – how they're shaped, how they work, and the battles they face to flourish and endure. The part of topography that most understudies will learn eventually in their secondary school or school vocation is physical geology.

The investigation of physical topography rotates around the inquiries "Where?" and "Why?” It normally starts by endeavouring to reply "Where?" Where are locations found? Where are the seas? Where are the oceans, real streams, and so forth? As you advance in your investigation of geology, you'll stretch out this examination to incorporate geography, normal assets, and obviously, human developments – nations, urban communities and towns.

When you've gotten a hand on the WHERE, you'll starting to address the WHY. For what reason are locations found where they are? What shapes the seas? How does plate tectonics function? For what reason do individuals live in specific zones? Is it because of the accessibility of characteristic assets, simplicity of transportation, atmosphere, or different elements?

Geology regularly traverses to the investigation of history and financial aspects. Which of earth's topographical highlights (mountains, streams, normal assets, and so forth.) affected human settlement and relocation? What chronicled occasions made individuals occupy and settle certain locales? How do these individuals bring home the bacon? What crops develop in these districts? What are the significant ventures these areas bolster? As you think about topography, you'll endeavour to answer these inquiries and some more.

Underneath we'll investigate tips, aptitudes and techniques that will enable you to think about and learn geographic all the more successfully and effectively.

The most important part is to employ memory techniques

Map on Hands

Organize the information

Organizing is vital to recalling data, particularly geological data. Sort out the data you need to recall into intelligent classifications. This will help increment your memory and review. In the event that for instance you're attempting to remember the real stream routes on the planet, you may consider retaining waterways composed by mainland. It's anything but difficult to recall the landmasses. When you retain the streams for every mainland, you'll know all the real waterway routes in the whole world.

Use "chunking"

Chunking is another powerful path for remembering geological data. You most likely as of now use chunking methodologies and don't know it. It's generally simple for your mind to remember a telephone number (916-422-7667) or government disability number (529-88-3324) utilizing chunking. We "chunk" data when we separate it into little gatherings of three or four.

Visualize information

For the vast majority of us, it's far less demanding to recall the subtleties of an image (what we see) than the subtleties of an address (what we hear). Perception is a remembrance methodology that can be utilized when examining pretty much any subject, however it's especially compelling when considering geology. Perception can be connected in two different ways. To begin with, it very well may be connected by making pictures in your mind that identify with a dynamic idea. Second, and all the more essentially, it is connected by partner land data with area, size and shape. For instance, adapting each of the 50 states in the United States of America if far less demanding while remembering their area on a guide, and connecting them with their shape and size, than attempting to retain a composed rundown.


We previously presented the idea of affiliation when we talked about memory helpers. Affiliation is the way toward "associating" another, new word, place, or article to something commonplace. By associating the new to the commonplace, the mind all the more effectively recollects and reviews the new. When you're entrusted with learning another geological actuality, record it alongside associating data.

Frequent Reviewing

In the event that you need to do well in your topography class, it's vital that you often survey your notes. One of the keys to memory maintenance and review is to reliably assessing your notes and other examination materials weeks before your exam(s). Topography is one of those classes where understudies like to pack. It is conceivable to remember every one of the states in a nation medium-term, however the data won't stay with you long after your test. To move data from your present moment to long haul memory, visit exploring is fundamental.


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