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Hong Kong and Shenzhen Showed us What Quality Early Childhood Education Looks Like

Sangita Mukherjee May 26, 2019

“We do not use commercially bought toys. We only use learning materials. All of them are developed by the teachers themselves, over time,” said Ms Young, a principal of a kindergarten in Lam Tin, Hong Kong.

One of us was in Hong Kong in 2017 to consider how pre-schools had been building up their own educational modules for kids somewhere in the range of three and six.

“In the science area, you want the children to play with water, but how? Teachers should read up to learn about science concepts, as well as take the time to think through, to get some ideas for developing the materials that will be best for children to explore big ideas and concepts about the flow of water and how it moves, for example,” she continued.

In Hong Kong and Mainland China, numerous kindergartens have been planning their own inside explicit educational module since the turn of the thousand years, an exertion in accordance with the Chinese experts' initial training change endeavors and enhancements in administration quality measures.

What Is Quality Early Childhood Education?

Amid Minister for Education Ong Ye Kung's U@Live discussion at the National University of Singapore in March, the subject of early youth education was raised.

There was a call for pre-schools to be nationalized so all kids can profit by quality early youth education. Be that as it may, what makes a high caliber early youth education?

While nationalization of the part could be viewed as an alternate way to increase present expectations for early youth training and quick track the arrangement of value preschool education, its merits returning a stage to consider what our general public considers to be high caliber early education inside childcare focuses and kindergartens.

This news was previously published on: www.channelnewsasia.com


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