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Half of the academics in the UK are stressed where forty percent want to leave

Bipin Dimri May 23, 2019

The most notable management lecturer from a state-of-the-art university, Ed Harris has stopped sleeping. Sadly, Ed Harris is also having problems in his blessed marriage. It was during this moment when he realized that he doesn’t feel happy in the profession to which he dedicated his entire life.

Ed Harris said that most of the time, people tend to handle whatever it is that they are going through, but gradually the unhappiness and anger start building up. Mr Harris also said that he had been constantly stressed. The sad part of being a part of a modern-day university is that there is an unprecedented level of micromanagement. And they always have to complete the work in deadlines. Most people similar to Harris work late and check the email during the “odd” hours.

Too much of pressure and working commitment made Harris go into a mental turmoil. At first, Harris was asked to set a course towards promotion, and later he was turned down. The authorities said that the research that he has been conducting in the institution is not strong enough. Overtime teaching curriculum and significant administrative pressure don’t provide a talented individual such as Harris to conduct the research that he loves doing.

Harris said that the work that he put, he was inversely blamed for something that he wasn’t doing. The system is excruciatingly devastating, and the worst part is when the employees do not have any idea as to how they are judged. 

During this week, two distinctive reports came into being from the Education Support Partnership. The reports were based on the wellbeing of the universities. The reports also suggested that the emotional struggle that Harris and other academic, professional bear has become standard across the UK. 

Another data suggests that 55% of the professionals in the field of higher education often regard themselves as stressed. The academics around the UK aren’t able to cope with the unsatisfactory feedback that they are getting from the officials of the institutions.


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