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Google invests on Actua to curate education based on AI

Bipin Dimri May 15, 2019

The search giant, Google has reportedly provided $500,000 to the largest STEM outreach organization, Actua. The investment by Google will help the company to curate an Artificial Intelligence-based curriculum for high school students in Canada.

According to Actua, the new program will take a peek at understanding the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and how AI will influence the careers of the students beyond computer science. The program will get into the pilot stage from 2019, and it will condition until the end of 2020.

Actua also said that the new program would replace the existing high school programs for identifying gaps. And soon Actua will work with a team of Artificial Intelligence experts for curating a brand new content that will cover the fundamental principle of Artificial Intelligence. The organization claims that the program will reach 15,000 students across Canada. 

Jennifer Flanagan, the CEO of Actua said that the organization is pleased to be working alongside Google. Together Actua and Google will bring a new initiative that will provide new opportunities to the students of Canada. With the help of the funding, Actua will integrate Artificial Intelligence lessons to multiple grades and subjects. The lessons are not going to be confined only to the classrooms; instead, Actua will provide outreach activities to the students. Actua believes that the students are needed to have better knowledge about AI.

According to the sources, the grant is specific to the “Codemakers” program that Actua will oversee. Back in the year 2015, Google also made a significant investment to aid in developing digital skill among the students of Canada.

Navdeep Bain, Minister of Science & Economic Development, was also present at the event for acknowledging the event. Mr Bain spoke to the crowd of the event for promoting education in STEM.


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