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For now, the higher education in India is at its worst

Bipin Dimri Apr 17, 2019

McKinsey’s former managing director, Rajat Gupta who also has been a part of numerous organizations such as Goldman Sachs visited Chandigarh on Tuesday. Gupta took a tour of the city as it was one of the areas he needed to cover to promote his new book called “Mind Without Fear.”

In the year 2002, Gupta was charged with two years of jail time, and the book will reveal the world about his side of the story. Gupta still feels that he is innocent and he also shared the people what is he currently pursuing. The reason why Gupta wrote the story is that he thinks that the young folks of the country generally incline to finance as well as business. The books will provide some essential life lessons for young people. The books act as Gupta’s testimony about what went down in his life during those times. 

After spending two years in jail, Gupta came from prison with a single goal. Gupta aimed to involve himself in the field of education as well as providing healthcare to the Indian citizens. After forming up the Public Health Foundation in India, and opening Indian Business School in the heart of Mohali, he penned down his side of the story. Having spent ample amount of time in the country and investing resources in providing better education to the young generation, he feels that the education infrastructure in India is not up to the mark. 

The government of the country does not carter the ever-growing demand of the younglings. Given that the country is growing in accelerated ways, there is also a growth of aspirations among the students. The students across the country are demanding better and top-notch education system. Nevertheless, the demand to meet up with a better quality of education is not met in the country.

The Indian schools have poor faculty, and they also lack the underlying academic research of the education sector.


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