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Fighting inequality begins at schools and social biases

Bipin Dimri Mar 27, 2019

The 21st of March has marked the International Day to eliminate the Racial Discrimination and on top of that fight to enlist racial equality in the heart Hong Kong is an enormous challenge.

Hong Kong claims that possessing the ordinance of racial discrimination and commission equal opportunities is going to put Hong Kong right on top of other neighboring Asian countries. Nevertheless, there isn’t any room for complacency. Racial Discrimination Ordinance is relatively the weakest of the four of the anti-discrimination ordinance which needs a lot of strength.

Mutiny of the power of the government along with the functions that originated from the provisions of the Race Discrimination has been a subject to tremendous criticism for the very long time. Both regional NGOs of Hong Kong as well as the commission which keeps tabs on the equal opportunities in the country. As a matter of fact, the Equal Opportunities Commission has come up with some of the important recommendations meant for the government to make amendments at the beginning of March 2016.

Now coming to the situation that Hong Kong is in is quite devastating. Hong Kong’s minority population usually are the ones that expect a lot from the government as well as the majority population of the people. By the looks of it, EOC is extremely and excruciating concerned related to the future of the minor ethnic group which may be born as well as raised in Hong Kong. The minority group of student who attends the local schools who calls Hong Kong their homes.

The Chinese language comes with an inefficient system which is limited to the second language. In spite of attending the schools for almost 12 years, students in Hong Kong still do not learn to read and write Chinese with utter proficiency. And this impacts the choices of students for tertiary education in the country.




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