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Equal Education: Angie Motshekga Performance Contract should be public

Bipin Dimri May 31, 2019

Angie Motshekhga has recently been appointed as the Basic Minister of Education of South Africa for the third time. And this also indicates that Motshekhaga has to urgently go through a commission which Cyril Ramaphosa, the president has spoken after announcing the new cabinet minister on Wednesday.

On Thursday, Equal Education said the Basic Minister of Education Angie Motshekhga, country’s new education administrative should be efficient and capable.

Ramaphose, the president stressed on the fact that the government ministers’ performances should be individual and collective. Moreover, government officials would monitor the specific outcomes. The president has also announced that every single minister should provide a performance contract to yield better results, according to Equal Education’s general secretary Noncedo Madubedube.

By addressing the South Africans, President Ramaphosa said to the people that he is going to appoint the ministers to oversee the betterment of the country. And they should live up to the expectations of the South African people. These ministers have to shoulder a huge responsibility, and task which is not for a person with a simpleton mindset.

Madubedube also said that the parents, learners, as well as teachers, are not at liberty to receive an inconsiderable quality of work from the Basic Education Minister, Motshekga. Additionally, Madubedube also said that the country could not go through another poor planning, weak political approach, fraudulent accountability, ineptitude in the country’s education sector.

Madubedube continued, the Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekhga is a public servant & the public must measure the beneficial changes that Motshekhga introduces. As of now, the performance contracts must be developed with the urgent and real needs of the people of South Africa. Madubedube said that if Motshekga desires, she can make the infrastructure of public schools in South Africa better. Right to education will also look after the fact that the classroom roof doesn’t collapse on students and teachers.


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